How to use hydraulics in gta 5 pc keyboard?

How to use hydraulics in gta 5 pc keyboard?

Hydraulics is a popular feature in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) that allows players to modify their vehicles with a hydraulic suspension system. With this system, players can adjust the height of their vehicles and perform various stunts. In this article, we will explain how to use hydraulic suspension in GTA V on PC with a keyboard.

Step 1: Purchase a vehicle with hydraulic suspension

Not all vehicles in GTA V come equipped with hydraulic suspension. To use this feature, you must purchase a vehicle that has the option. Some of the vehicles that come with hydraulic suspension include the Slamvan and the Buccaneer. You can purchase these vehicles at any of the Los Santos Customs garages located throughout the game world.

Step 2: Modify your vehicle with hydraulic suspension

Once you have a vehicle with hydraulic suspension, you can modify it at a Los Santos Customs garage. To access the customization options, drive your vehicle into a Los Santos Customs garage and select the “Modify” option from the menu. Then, select “Suspension” from the list of modifications and choose the hydraulic suspension option.

Step 3: Use the hydraulic suspension

To use the hydraulic suspension in your vehicle, you must use your keyboard controls. The controls for hydraulic suspension may vary depending on the keyboard configuration you have set up in the game’s options. By default, the controls for raising and lowering the suspension are assigned to the “Q” and “Z” keys, respectively.

Step 4: Perform stunts with hydraulic suspension

One of the most popular uses of hydraulic suspension in GTA V is to perform stunts. With the hydraulic suspension, you can adjust the height of your vehicle to make it easier to perform jumps and stunts. To perform a stunt, you need to raise the suspension to its maximum height and then jump off a ramp or other obstacle. The higher the suspension, the longer the jump will be.

In conclusion

using hydraulic suspension in GTA V on PC with a keyboard is a fun and exciting way to customize and modify your vehicles. By following these simple steps, you can experience all the thrills of hydraulic suspension in the game and attract other players with your impressive stunts and tricks.

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